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Heredia city a coffee lovers and Costa Rican traditions destination.

Heredia city is a nice place for tourists because it has many options for visiting like Coffee tour, cultural museums, Barva colonial town, restaurants and stores.

From San Jose downtown is just 30 minutes away driving in a road in excellent conditions  (avoid the heavy traffic in the morning from 07:00 -09:00 hours and 05:00-07:00 p.m.)  The Heredia people called Heredianos are very friendly and always give you a nice smile welcome you to the city; it is nice because you can experience the hospitality in every place you stop.

Some places you can visit are:

The Heredia’s historic church La Inmaculada Concepcion, a majestic church built in 1796. The stained glass paintings in the church are some of the oldest in the country. This church stands in Heredia’s Central Park, and has a variety of shops and restaurants neighboring. In 1973 it was declared National heritage.

The Popular Culture Museum: is located in the village of Santa Lucia de Barva at the former home of ex-president Alfredo Gonzalez Flores. Visitors to the museum will find a number of significant displays related to the 19th century in Costa Rica, including the fashion and popular culture during the period.

Barva city: one of the first towns to be colonized, Barva retains much of its authentic Costa Rican flavor and so not a lot of English is spoken here. If you plan on touring this town be prepared to brush up on your Spanish while you are here.


Coffee tour de Cafe Britt: Since 1991 the Coffee Tour has educated and entertained nearly 1 million friends and coffee lovers from around the world by immersing them in a colorful journey through a working plantation and roastery. Here the Hertz clients have 50% per cent discount for the coffee tour entrance just to show the contract or the car key.

Coffeetour Britt

 Classic Coffee Tour

Since 1991 our Coffee Tour has educated and entertained nearly 1 million coffee lovers by immersing them in a colorful journey through our working plantation and roastery.


We welcome our guests with our fresh-brewed gourmet coffee!  A journey into the world of gourmet coffee starts with a guided visit to our coffee plant nursery.  We will then stroll through our sustainable coffee farm for an enjoyable look at the conditions needed to produce a gourmet coffee.  We continue with a visit to our roasting plant to discover what an expert cupper looks for when selecting the perfect beans to roast. In our theater we will enjoy a professional coffee-cupping demonstration and a trip to the country’s best coffee-producing regions.

A delicious sampling of gourmet coffees, of course, and a variety of our chocolates are the perfect end to our journey, from the plantation to your cup.  Don’t miss it!

CALL CENTER: 2277-1600  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Barva Volcano: is an excellent place to explore the majestic beauty of the Costa Rican landscape. The area around the mountain features dozens of hiking trails of varying difficulty. Stag Horn Path, which winds around the base of the volcano, offers incredible views of the Barva Lagoon, the largest caldera in Braulio Carrillo National Park. This route leads to the Copey Lagoon Trail, which also boasts remarkable views of the Central Valley.

To reach the park and Barva Volcano, you may want to consider renting a four-wheel drive vehicle , as the roads leading to Braulio Carrillo are notoriously rough. You can set off from the nearby town of Sacramento, though traveling from here to the ranger station at the park during the rainy season is not recommended due to potential landslides and rockfalls.

Barva Volcano is one of Costa Rica's most impressive natural wonders, and the memories of a trip to this mighty mountain are sure to last a lifetime.

InBioparque: The National Biodiversity Institute (INBio) of Costa Rica is a private research and biodiversity management center, established in 1989 to support all efforts made to gather knowledge on the country’s biological diversity and promote its sustainable use. The institute works under the premise that the best way to conserve biodiversity is to study it, value it, and utilize the opportunities it offers to improve the quality of life of human beings





Tortuguero, an unforgettable experience.

Your adventure in Costa Rica without visiting Tortuguero National Park would be incomplete.

144 kilometers from San José, the most amazing tropical paradise, a vast wetland of primary forests bordering the sea hides. You will be impressed observing all the natural beauty along the way. To enter the Tortuguero National Park is only possible by natural means through canals that are in the middle of wetlands, this is where you start the experience, where with luck, you will be able to observe the turtle nesting.




Why you must visit Tortuguero National Park?

• First, we can say without hesitating that the main attraction is the nesting on the beaches, with the possibility of seeing four species of sea turtles. With the guidance of a licensed expert you can make the walk on the beach to witness the birth of sea turtles. This event takes place between September and November of each year.

• The tour through the canalsseems incredible, but the destination is the objective, to discover a true natural maze full of dense tropical forest and local wildlife. Where you can see aquatic fauna between river turtles, alligators and crocodiles.

• All along the trip and stay, you will notice a lush biodiversity of flora and fauna in this ecosystem which is the most complex and dynamic of Tropical America.

• With some 405 species of birds, increasing the chances of displaying an amazing natural spectacle.

• We can not forget the town. Tortuguero consists in two parts, the National Park and the town. The boat ride through the canals makes a strategic stop in this place allowing you to know a little of this small Caribbean community that consists of a street with no cars and people mobilize walking or riding bicycle.


We contacted Laguna Lodge hotel, who besides providing an excellent stay, helped us with tours and transportation.

Being located in the middle of a property, full of exotic gardens and large trees, the Laguna Lodge hotel enjoys a privileged location adjoining the main Tortuguero Lagoon and the Caribbean Sea, one of the few hotels with beachfront in the central area of ​​Tortuguero, so this hotel is our recommendation.

You can take the packages of two and three days, or the one of one and two days that the hotel has for your comfort, with the ease of leaving San José going through several major hotels to pick you up.

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