Annual Hertz 

Hertz Rent a Car offers you the annual Hertz service directed to organizations or people needing vehicles long-term with a minimum period of 24 months, which includes permanent maintenance and support at national level.



  • Replacement of the vehicle in the event of accidents (15 days per year).
  • Roadside assistance.
  • Payment of rights of movement and RTV.
  • Preventive maintenance of the fleet runs on behalf of Hertz Rent a Car.
  • Free choice of the car that you like, within the category of rental.
  • Change of car in monthly periods as often as you want it, within the same category.
  • Category change in monthly periods, paying less or more per month, depending on the category to choose.
  • Fixed, no variable fee during the period.
  • Safe vehicle included.
  • 100% of the rental fee is deductible from the income tax, which provides the company with a tax shield.
  • Does not involve large outlays for your organization, so it does not affect the working capital.
  • Free use, you decide who uses the vehicle.
  • You will get best overseas car rental discounts.
  • Free and unlimited, legal advice in the event of accidents.
  • It will prevent the discomforts that for your company is managing a fleet.
  • Our product is flexible and adapts to the needs of your company, with large and small fleets.
  • If during the period of rental, Hertz buy new fleet of its category, will be brand new a same car category which has already rented.
  • In the event of accidents, insurance are applied according to the regulations of the insurance company Qualitas.



  • Signing of a legal document, ensuring the completion of the lease period.
  • Presentation of the legal personality and legal business name card.
  • Port license a day.
  • Be more than 25 years.
  • Boucher's guarantee signed, a check either transfer deposit to one month's rent.



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